Hey Tucker here! I would be honored to be your speaker at a conference or event.
Thank you for considering me to speak at your conference or event. I work hard at my specialty and material to make sure I deliver a memorable and impactful experience. If you think I may be a great math for your event or conference, than I'm excited to hear about it.
Let's get started
Are we a great match?

Choosing a speaker is a big deal and I totally understand that. That is why I want to make sure we are both on the same page! I like to make big impacts that is why I prefer keynote, speeches and close knit presentations to teams . I love them and give preference to them because they enable me to help education, teach and entertain on a big mass level and to help people like you get maximum results from their events.
An event's success comes with good investment

I hope you look at me as a good investment to your event's success. I have spoken at events and ran my own event and I know what is required to make an event successful and impactful. I want to be that big step in that success for you. Everyone has a different style and method. But I am myself all of the time-on stage and off stage. I do fun things, and goofy things to get the audience engaged. I am who I am and it works wonders. When you hire me, you get my best, my most fun and engaging self.
I will work side by side with you every step of the way

Some speakers become disconnected and difficult to work with. I understand that. That is why I stay involved and engaged engaged every step of the way. You already have a lot to do so I want to make this as smooth as possible. I want to learn everything about your event so that I can blow the minds if your fans and have them leave with excitement for the future. That is why it will be you and me the whole step of the way!
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